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Brokerage companies of the world always compete with each other. Today, advanced trading is a mutually beneficial area, which opens up many unique opportunities for traders. Clients of different websites regularly make deals. Since the load on the Internet is enormous, experienced traders are looking for brokers who provide them with a safe deposit and a quality application. A popular platform for brokerage activity is MetaTrader 4 Exness for PC and mobile devices. The traffic of the application is vast. 

Exness is an international brokerage network, which exists since 2008. Since its opening, download Exness was only possible with the original MT4 version, but recently the fifth version was updated. It is entirely free and available to all users without exception. Trading in this application gets the best feedback, and the official activity of the resource Exness strengthens the trust of professionals. Here they conclude transactions even from the phone. 

This article has all the information about how Exness Mobile App works, what to do to improve the speed, and what benefits from MT4 (5) investors will get.  


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Exness one click: trader download 

The high positions of Exness in the rating are due to its global access. Users from different parts of the world can enter into transactions. The resource supports 70 currencies and offers 30 ways to withdraw money or deposit funds. Most payment systems operate in Asia, USA and Europe. Support services are available 24 hours a day. Exness trading platform download is elementary. Customers need to go to the official website of the Exchange and select the section "Tools and services". Exness trading platform download is available on such operating systems and devices:

  • iMAC;

  • Linux;

  • Windows;

  • Android;

  • iOS. 

It is much more convenient to register on the site. It takes no more than 15 minutes to create an account, as a brokerage company does not require full personal data from a trader. On a site, there is news, detailed FAQ and registration on some event, which organizes the Exchange. Immediately after downloading the MetaTrader platform for a device, all functionality becomes available to a new client. The program for investors and traders is not separated, so everyone uses the same application. 

Exness APK and APP

Brokering on your phone is still considered unusual. But the MT4 mobile application from Exness has been available for five years. During this time, the mobile platform has been constantly updated and improved. Today, more functions are available on the phone than are offered on the PC. To conclude the trade, investors can use helper programs through an internal optimizer. Although the interface is different, all traders quickly get used to the features of MT4 or five versions on Android and iOS. 

The mobile platform has a news section, financial system and internal analytics bot. A nice bonus is the possibility to make several deals for different amounts at once. The minimum deposit in Exness starts from 1 dollar, so online trading is available for users with any capital.  


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MT4 features

All financial markets have now been moved online. Many of them are falling rapidly. In the Forex, changes occur every 10 seconds, so brokers and traders are trying to hold positions and have time to invest in funds, precious securities or any other commodity. The main principle of trading is a constant turnover of money and enhanced analytics. 

MetaTrader 4 or 5 is a good option for brokerage activity for many reasons. It has VPS hosting, 24-hour hedging and free access to international currency websites. But an essential advantage of MT4 (5) is its internal analytics. The analytics is not conducted through the site but the trading platform. The bot systematizes the actual information of the Internet privately and offers the user the most optimal variant of deposit management. 

In addition to analytics, traders can find forecasts and webinars on the Exness website. The Exchange often appeals to professionals to get feedback from its clients. All information from the broker is publicly available and free of charge.